Show Your Furnace Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Your furnace keeps you warm and cozy all winter, so why not give it some special attention while you’re dishing out love this Valentine’s Day? Your sweetheart may wonder why you’re giving any thought to your HVAC system on such a romantic day, but he or she will appreciate it when you’re able to spend more on them with the money you save in energy bills!

Here are some ways you can give your furnace (and family) love just by keeping up with regular maintenance:

  • Help your furnace run more efficiently. During a maintenance visit, we replace your furnace filter, clean dirt and debris off of your components, and lubricate parts to keep them moving well. All of these things keep your furnace operating with the least energy use as possible, saving you lots on utility bills.

  • Reduce the need for repairs. In the HVAC world, it’s always a good idea to catch a small issue before it becomes a big, expensive problem. Our qualified Snell technicians check your entire system to prevent major breakdowns down the road.

  • Extend the life of your unit. Annual maintenance helps make your furnace last longer, and a long, healthy life is a great gift!

  • Keep your warranty valid. Your HVAC equipment warranty most likely requires annual maintenance to keep it active, so neglecting to have certified technicians check your furnace could void your warranty.

  • Make indoor air more breathable. You can show your family love just be changing your air filter every other month, as a clogged filter isn’t able to trap contaminants that lead to breathing problems.

Schedule a Tune-Up with Bob Oliver Heating and Air Conditioning!

Take advantage of our $79 tune-up special and treat your household to the gift of lasting warmth and lower energy bills. We’ll clean your unit, make sure everything is working as it should, and prevent big problems before they happen. Just contact us to schedule an appointment!

We love our greater Des Moines HVAC customers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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