How Often Should I Have My Air Conditioning Unit Serviced?

Many people wonder how often, or if at all, they should have their air conditioning unit serviced. If you want your air conditioning unit to last for as long as possible, you should be having it serviced once a year. Ideally, this would be in the springtime when you’re just st

arting to use it again, but any time of the year will do. All you must do is call us to schedule your air conditioning maintenance. Some people may be hesitant to spend the money on air conditioning maintenance when they don’t think there is a problem, but the truth is that it will wind up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Paying for regular services will be much cheaper than having to pay for major repairs, or even a whole new air conditioning unit.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Necessary

There are many benefits that come with servicing your air conditioning unit once a year. You will have increased dependability in your AC following the service and will worry far less about having a major problem arise. You will have much more faith in your air conditioner lasting for another year to keep your home nice and cool during the hot summer months. If any problems are found during the service, they can be fixed quickly before they become even bigger and more expensive problems. This is the number one way that air conditioning maintenance saves you money. Having to fix a small leak is a lot cheaper than having to replace a major part of your AC unit.

What Could Happen Without AC Maintenance

One of the basic things the air conditioner does is collect dust and dirt from the air to keep it clean, and then provides fresh air back into the air. If the air conditioning unit is not serviced regularly, the dirt and dust will begin to build up and get deposited in the filters. Over time, this dirt and dust will begin to affect how well your AC is working because it makes the AC unit must work even harder. You will find that you need to decrease the temperature of your air conditioner to get an equal amount of cooling that you were experiencing previously. This leads to your air conditioner consuming more energy, which will jack up your energy bills. Not only is the dirt and dust that has collected bad for your AC unit, it can also be bad for your health when it is released right back into the air. Those suffering from allergic diseases like Eczema or asthma will really feel the negative effects of an un-serviced air conditioning unit. Even those who aren’t easily affected by dust could notice some unwanted side effects as it collects in your home’s air.

Schedule AC Maintenance

An air conditioner that is under-

performing can be extremely frustrating. Regular service will check to make sure that all parts are lubricated, that the refrigerant is at an optimum level, and that no issues arise that could compromise the quality of the air your AC is producing. You don’t want to wait until your air conditioner is blowing warm air or making a weird noise to call Bob Oliver Heating and Air Conditioning, call us ahead of time to schedule a service to prevent these things from happening.

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